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A warm welcome to all readers, Excuse the puns’, but my “hot “topic for this issue is radiators. Enough of the jokes I think and back to the subject. What is the first thought that enters into your mind when you think about radiators? School radiators of course. Running in from the playground after lunch break, having been throwing snowballs for the past hour and straight to the roasting hot radiator to warm your hands and if you were lucky to be one of the first few to return to class, and the teacher wasn’t looking, a quick seat on top of it to warm yourself through.

Radiators have changed a lot since then (and it wasn’t that long ago before you ask!!) Modern builders commonly fit standard white metal squares to our walls, often with no regard to the necessary wall space required for the positioning of furniture. I am glad to report that for those interested in design and their home, alternatives are now available.

A few hot tips before selecting new radiators:-

  • Establish the heat output required, by either making a comparison with your existing radiator, or the safest option, by asking your plumber or heating engineer.
  • Position the top of  a tall radiator to line up with the top of a door, or a window
  • Two identical radiators can be used to frame an existing feature such as an arch or doorway.
  • Why not choose a towel radiator for your kitchen to keep your tea towels and hand towels dry? Where there is limited space, choose a tall slim radiator that can be located beside a cupboard or behind a door.
  • Installing a towel radiator in your spare bedroom will e appreciated by your guests
  • The ideal place to install a towel radiator in a bathroom is near the bath/basin so that towels are easily accessible.
  • You don’t have to replace your old radiator with one of the same size. Tall slim radiators can be installed in areas which otherwise would be unusable. These radiators are an attractive feature in their own right and free up valuable wall space.

Fit all radiators with thermostatic valves. These valves contain an inbuilt temperature sensor and have a range of temperature settings. The thermostatic valve will maintain the room at the temperature you have selected, by adjusting the heat output of the radiator. This means that you can take advantage of any ”free” heat the room receives, such as that from the sun or from electrical equipment. They are also extremely useful for rooms that may have sudden changes in occupancy, for example a dining room.


However, if you do not wish to go to the expense of changing radiators, a cabinet could be fitted over the top of your radiators. These are available either as flat pack or could be made bespoke by a joiner. A range of grilles are available in chrome, satin chrome, brass could be painted to match. If you have put a lot of effort into creating a stunning room don’t let it be compromised by an ugly, damaged or unsightly radiator.


Are you thinking of building a house, redecorating a room or simply looking for new soft furnishings. Simply Interiors will provide a complete design, supply and installation service for you. All samples are brought to your home, where our discussions will take.

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