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About Us

My name is Hazel Young and I believe that my company Simply Interiors is one of the most innovative client conscious businesses in Central Scotland.

At Simply Interiors we have been designing our clients dreams for over 10 years. As design very often can be one persons dream and another persons nightmare we believe our approach to your design is fresh and ingenious.

Whether you require one pair of curtains, a single room rethought or a whole house redesigned I would be delighted to hear from you.

Our Partners

Every project we work on is designed with close attention to detail, managed and implemented with great care. Glasgow interior designers that work with craftsmen and suppliers to create your vision. We can source unusual wallcoverings, floorings, furniture, accessories, vintage or salvaged pieces as well as artwork for residential or commercial needs. To enable us to do this, we have some preferred partners that we know work to our own exacting standards and allow us to create a unique concept that suits and fulfils your needs. Some of these partners are detailed below.

Harlequin, Scion, James Brindley, Villa Nova, Osborne and Little, Brian Yates/ OMEXCO, Romo, Jane Churchill, Kirkby House, Colefax and Fowler, Larsen, Sanderson, Nina Campbell, Linwood, Kai, Clarke and Clarke, Kobe, Zoffany, Casamance, Ashley Wilde, Morris and Company, Casadeco, Today Interiors, Moon, Zinc, Black Edition, Isle Mill, Penthouse, Axminster, Crucial rading, Anthology, Heathfield, Franklite, Northcroft, James Hare, Polyflor, Andrew Martin.

Let Us Help You

Simply Interiors offer a completely mobile service and will come to your home or commercial premises for the appointment. We will bring a vast range of samples for you to explore, whether this be fabric, wallcoverings or floor samples and help you navigate your way through all the options and choices to create your own unique look. Whether you have a need for one set of curtains or wish to redesign a hole room, we can provide expertise and guidance to meet your needs at a budget to suit. Why not look through some of the examples of the work we have completed and take some inspiration from these photos to aid your own ideas and vision.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a limited budget; can I afford an Interior Designer?
There is a misconception that Interiors Designers only work with clients who have an endless supply of money – this is absolutely not the case. Interior Designers can work within your budget and can help you choose furniture and fabrics that suit your needs and financial limitations. Simply Interiors are no different – whether it be one wall to be papered, a set of cushions or a recovering of a favourite chair that you wish – we can help you to achieve the look you desire within your budget! They key thing is to be honest with your Interior Designer in what you can afford and what you wouldn’t be comfortable with – they will then show you samples from the right ranges.
I worry that I will be forced into choosing something I don’t like or that costs much more than I can afford.
I am always very aware that clients must end up with a look they are happy with. It is our job to ensure any scheme we decide on will work as well as being pleasing to the client. On the TV Designer shows, there are often scenarios when a room is decorated as a surprise by someone famous (sometimes within 2 days or so!!!) and the end result is hated by the very person who has to live with it. Cynics may suggest that this is just to boost the all-important television ratings. Such dictatorship cannot and will not happen with ourselves – budgets are discussed the whole way through the process and collaboration on colours and styles is a two way communication. If you suggest a colour scheme or a style that we feel is not right for your room or yourself, we will work with you to incorporate what you wish with what will work best. We want to create an individual room or home that says who you are, not what we say should you should be.
I don’t want a living room like they have in magazines; I would be scared to sit down
No one wants to live in a home that may look beautiful but where we are scared to let the children play with their toys or put a coffee mug down in case it spoils the look. Everyone wants a space they can use and which works for them. Before an Interior Designer designs your project, they will through questions and discussion establish exactly what you want, what the problems are and how you want the end outcome to look like. Simply Interiors are skilled at creating beautiful and liveable spaces that you want to use and enjoy.
Why do I need an Interior Designer? I have a good eye for colour, I can do it myself.
An Interior Designers job is more than just matching colours, fabrics or ordering curtains. A large part of our job is to make spaces functional, safe as well as good looking. That are some critical parts of design that you can only get via an Interior Designer. Also, Interior Designers have access to showrooms and suppliers that you cannot access directly. In addition, these showrooms are often deeply discounted for Designers so you can get more for your money as the discount is passed straight on to you, the client.
I only have a small home; I don’t need an Interior Designer.
Many of our projects are carried out in modest homes – every home deserves a great design, regardless of its size, or budget. We urge you to contact Simply Interiors and let us work within your budget to create a home you can be truly proud of and that works for you and your family.

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About Us

My name is Hazel Young and I believe that my company Simply Interiors is one of the most innovative client conscious businesses in Central Scotland.

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